Through the first week in March, SDA will be practicing Indoors at Archery Headquarters.  

6401 W Chandler Blvd. Chandler, AZ 85226

Fridays from 3-5 pm

Unlike our set up at Papago, Archers will be required to purchase a $25 Membership card to shoot at Archery HQ.  The card will be then be charged for your time at shooting at the range.  It is better if cards are purchased in advance and lanes reserved.

Beginning classes:

WHEN:  3-5 pm  EVERY OTHER Friday through March

beginning:  January 30th

EQUIPMENT:  Provided

COST:  $25 membership card from Archery HQ plus $5 per class unless you provide proof of enrollment in the ASU academic credit class taught at the paseo vista range... then the $5 fee is waived .  We encourage EVERYONE to take that class!

REGISTER:  by sending us an email through the "contact us" page at least one week in advance.  Be sure to include the date(s) of the class(es) you wish to attend.  registration is limited to signing up for 3 classes at a time. 

SPACE:  space is limited to 5 archers per class, on a first registered basis.  If you register and fail to show, you will not be allowed to re-register for at least one month and you will be dropped from all other pre-registered classes.

Sun Devil Archery is bringing that winning tradition back to the Valley.  As such, a few dedicated archers have joined together to form a campus club to promote the sport and its competition.
Until that point, the program had won more national titles (men's archery 15 times, women's archery 21 times, and mixed archery 20 times) than any other athletic group at ASU while additionally boasting numerous World and Olympic team members and medalists.
Arizona State University (ASU) has a strong tradition in the sport of Archery... and we are looking for the next generation!   Archery ceased to be a varsity sport at ASU in the early 1990’s due to ASU Athletic Department decisions. 

Sun Devil Archery exists to provide opportunities for students (and others who are interested) to be informed and engaged in the sport of archery.  We are a small, tightly knit group who seek excellence in both competition and in our academic careers.

Sun Devil Archery

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