Living in Arizona means dealing with the heat, but when you have a bunch of kids in your house, you have to find fun things to do, no matter what the weather gives you.

For our family, archery has become the favorite pastime. It’s fun, competitive and because you’re not running around a lot the way you are when playing football or some other sport, we can keep cool.

Archery is also a skill you need to practice, which I think gives my kids some much needed discipline; you can’t really shoot an arrow straight if you’re not focused and in control of yourself.

We like to have friendly competition out in the backyard, where everyone gets a try at three arrows. Since there are many of us, we keep narrowing it down by the top scores, eliminating those at the bottom.

It’s a fun way to get everyone together and outside, but we’ve also started to draw the attention of more people in the neighborhood. I’m really pleased that we have a healthy and productive way to keep kids occupied, especially since all the parents can join in, too.

Look into archery wherever you live, it could soon be catching on the way it has in our Arizona neighborhood.