There are many options available for archery fans in the great state of Arizona. Getting the proper gear is no problem at all. Any hunting or outdoor gear store will carry bows, arrows, targets, archery gloves, and everything else in between. This is a good first step for archers and archery fans in the state, but what about finding a place to practice?

Fortunately there are several options to take care of this particular issue, as well. Anyone living in the country has it easy. In rural areas it is easy to set up targets and just practice with friends and other fans of archery. However if you live in the city, your best bet is to look for local archery clubs. At least one club can be found in most cities of any size and in many cases, in many of the largest cities in Arizona there are multiple clubs in the same city.

We met a guy that owns a heating and air company and he is an avid archer that helped start a local archery club. He said the best way to choose is to go there first, take a look at who is there, what they have to offer, and what membership entails. Having a place where you know you can practice, talk about the finer points, or even get some coaching can really make all of the difference.